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Motorcycle Tour in South India

Discovering South India on a motorcycle is to dive into this idyllic India with its postcard scenery. The variety of landscapes you come across during a motorcycle tour in South India is incredible: heavenly beaches on the coast of the Arabian Sea, lush surroundings worthy of the "Jungle Book" and the Ghats mountains. In a succession of green landscapes, colors and spices, let yourself be carried away by your senses.
During this motorcycle tour in the tropics, the sceneries succeed each other in an incredible fashion: fishing villages, beautiful beaches, low mountains, backwaters and tea plantations. South India on a motorcycle is like a patchwork of religions and cultures, architectures and languages, ​​influenced by the colonial past of the region.
It is an ideal destination to combine a motorcycle tour in heavenly landscapes and explore this multi-faceted culture. Well suited for solo riders as well as for nature loving couples, Vintage Rides' motorcycle tour in South India allow you to meet the authentic and welcoming people of the region.
If you want a motorcycle tour that makes you discover the most beautiful national parks of South India, opt for "The Spice Route" and its lush vegetation. As for the tour "The Big Crossing", between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it will take you off the beaten track to discover authentic populations and hidden Tamil temples before visiting the famous Royal Enfield factory in Chennai.