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Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a colourful and majestic land and is a perfect destination for a motorcycle tour with your partner or your friends. This mythical destination of North India has many facets and a unique culture in ancient history. Rajasthan is a mix between traditional villages, hidden roads and palaces worthy of the tales of "Arabian Nights". A land of contrasts with changing landscapes to be discovered on the Royal Enfield. From the arid Thar desert to the Aravali mountains over the semi-desert sceneries of Shekhawati, a motorcycle tour in Rajasthan has its lot of discoveries.

No matter where you look, you will be dazzled by the brilliance of hues that color the landscapes and streets: women's saris, men's turbans and multicolored spices punctuate every moment of your motorcycle journey. On the hidden paths of Rajasthan, the Bullet 500cc stirs the curiosity of the villagers you come across. You stop for a chai and you're the center of attention! So many encounters that will make this motorcycle tour in Rajasthan a unique and unforgettable experience.

The different motorcycle tours prepared by Vintage Rides allow you to discover the region at your own pace and according to your desires. For solo riders or adventurous duos, let yourself be tempted by the "The Land of Maharajas" tour and discover the best of this mythical region of India. The "Essentials of Rajasthan", on the other hand, is a perfect introduction to Rajasthan and will take you to the essential places of the region. For luxury-lovers and those who want a quieter ride, go for the "Chic and Charming Rajasthan" tour. With shorter stages and charming accommodations, this motorbike ride will allow you to make the most of the hidden beauties of the region, its natural parks and to meet its endearing population. Finally, the fearless adventurers can try the solo adventure with our freedom formula in Rajasthan. Helped by an electronic roadbook, you get an itinerary concocted by Vintage Rides to discover the best roads in total freedom.