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A Motorcycle Adventure Around the World – Julian Shrestha

Meet Julian Shrestha, president of the Vintage Motorcycle Club Nepal and motorcycle enthusiast who just started an 18 months motorcycle adventure around the world on a Royal Enfield Bullet from 1979. His passion for vintage motorcycles and his love and commitment for his home country have enabled him to get support from government agencies as well as from the Nepal Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation for his ride around the world.
He had already been successful in getting support for most activities of the Vintage Motorcycle Club Nepal and he is continuing to do so with his round-the-world project.
Julian started his trip in India on February 19th and is on his way to Pakistan, after which he will ride through Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria, eventually leading him to Western Europe and the UK, from where he will ship his bike to Canada. He then intends to ride down across North, Central and South America before shipping his bike to Africa and riding back to Asia via the Middle East and East Asia.
If you’d like to get in touch with Julian, whether it is to support him, ask questions, give advice or anything else, you can do so by following him on Facebook or sending him an e-mail at:
If you’d like to plan a motorcycle journey of your own, you can get in touch with Vintage Rides. 

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