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The Royal Enfield Garage of Vintage Rides

To ensure that all of our bikes for the tours are in perfect condition, Vintage Rides has its own Royal Enfield garage at the premises of New Delhi, India. Passionate bikers and proud owners of Royal Enfield Bullets, we do not only servicing but also customisations of our babies.Currently, our garage has a fleet of 35 Royal Enfields: 16 Royal Enfield Machismos 500cc (purchased brand new in 2009, 10 of which are in Ulan Bator, Mongolia), and 19 Royal Enfield Classics 500cc (11 bikes purchased brand new in 2012, 8 others in 2013). A team of six mechanics bring their experience from official Royal Enield garages to work on maintaing the Bullets and make sure that our babies are in perfect condition.To say the least, Royal Enfields do have quite some character, so the vast expertise in the bikes is a necessity. Originally produced in the UK, the 500cc Bullet was used on the battlefields of the First World War, sometimes even as an ambulance to reach and transport the wounded. The production carried on until the 60s when it started declining and was ultimately halted. Luckily, the spare parts manufactiring in India didn't stop in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India, and it gradually evolved into what we see know - Royal Enfield, and especially it's unmistaken roaring, became a real icon across the entire India and is fastly gaining international recognition.