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Adventure Royal Enfield Side Car in the Himalayas: Episode 1

Remember when we told you we had a side-car story coming up? Well here it is! Our friend Jean Burdet from the “Heritage Import” store in France is passionate about side-cars, and decided to take the challenge of driving from New Delhi to Leh and all the way to the Khardung La, the highest motorable road at 5600m.
After several months of preparation and research of potential partners for the creation and implementation of the side-car, the pressure was at its peaks for the Himalayan side-car project.  
Sending the side-car to the Vintage Rides office in Delhi was a first test for the nerves of the participants as two days before the planned departure to Leh, there was still no sign of the third wheel. After a year of preparation, one can understand that Jean and his son were a little stressed at the idea of not receiving the side-car on the other end.  
And then finally, after one more day... The side-car arrived!

The Vintage Rides team got to work to pull the side-car out of the truck, then out of the box. Everything seems in order.


Now remains the assembly of the side-car.
Jean gets straight to work; there is no time to lose! We head down to the Vintage Rides Garage to prepare the Royal Enfield on which the side-car will be fixed.

An afternoon of work later, the sidecar is ready. Now it’s time to make a few test runs around the block. Carlo is ready to play and immediately jumps in for the first tests! It seems that everything is ready for the big departure on the next day...


Follow the adventure in the next episode of the Adventure Royal Enfield Side Car in the Himalayas and find out how the big departure went.  
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